What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance allows you and your loved ones to maintain their living standards economically and ensure the future of your loved ones in case of a permanent disability or illness of your relatives in case you lose your life. It is an accumulation product provided to ensure that your children continue their education more easily. A critique at china-bathroomvanity.com

Thanks to life insurance, it is aimed to maintain the living standards of the family members who are left behind when one of the risks occurs under the policy. It can be renewed in the coming years according to the preference of the person who is done in such a period of one year. Life insurance is available to anyone between the ages of 18-65.

Guarantees are paid if something happens to the insured person

Guarantees are paid if something happens to the insured person

If there is a risk to the person, the person or persons to be paid is written to the policy under the name of the beneficiary and the policy amount is paid to the beneficiaries with the death of the insured person. It is the type of insurance that is made to secure oneself and family members with one’s own savings.

Long-term health insurance is known under this life insurance. The person who wishes to take out the insurance is given long-term assurance in case of disability or in case of death. It varies from 2 to 20 years.

In the event of death of the person within one year, it includes the guarantee of death. The person cannot receive any payment under the annual life insurance.

Persons aged 18-65 benefit from this insurance

Persons aged 18-65 benefit from this insurance

It is a type of insurance that covers the education expenses of their children in case of accident or illness that may happen to the person under the education insurance.

The main structure constituting the guarantees of life insurance covers the deaths of individuals. In the event of the death of the deceased insured, it is ensured that the persons who will benefit from the guarantee of the insured are paid the pre-determined amount in the policy. Life insurances will be paid to the beneficiary and legal heirs previously insured by the insured person. These are the guarantees that provide the financial support to the person or persons specified in the insurance in case of an accidental death of the insured person.

In case of permanent disability as a result of an accident, it is the guarantee paid by the insured person in order to protect the insured person in case of permanent disability.

It is the payment of the insured person’s hospital expenses in case of an accident or an accident.

It is the payment made only during the disease process and during the continuation of the disease in order to protect the person in continuous disease situations.

It is the payment of the life insurance policy according to the policy conditions during the period of the dangerous illness and the person caught.

Provides financial support to the insured person in case of unemployment.

Why Should You Have Life Insurance?

Why Should You Have Life Insurance?

We don’t know what will happen to us in the course of our lives, illness, disability or loss of life. We must secure ourselves and our loved ones against these situations. In case of insured, these insurance companies take effect immediately with the payments you have made. If the person has children who continue their education period, they provide support so that their education periods are not interrupted. Under the policies, it is ensured that the treatment fees in the amounts that may occur after accidents are paid against a certain amount in the payment. The person pays very little in this process.

In case of death of the insured, financial support is provided. A certain portion of the premiums paid fully complies with tax laws. It is possible that these measures fall completely from income tax. You can deduct the premiums you pay from tax, provided that they do not exceed certain amounts.

You can get your money back, provided that you pay all the premiums if the death does not occur within the period determined by the reimbursing life insurance.

You can pay for life insurance without any difficulty and they will be paid in 3 months, 6 months or annually.

You can pay with your credit card or in cash. If you pay in dollars. At the end of the period, the premium will be refunded in dollars.

Your insurance can be at least 13 years and up to 20 years. Your insurance age may be between 65-70 years. She must never have been over 70. If a 60-year-old person opts for life insurance, he can be insured for a maximum of 10 years.

Comprehensive life insurance does not need to be evaluated in any way within 10 years. Depending on these situations, the refresh process can be done comfortably.

It also calculates your life insurance premiums with plans such as age and gender.

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