Cash benefits in comparison: Which health insurance pays osteopathy?

   Extra für Kassenpatienten: Welche Krankenkasse zahlt für Osteopathie? Many health insurance companies reimburse the costs of osteopathy

  • Many POS patients value osteopathic treatments.
  • Although many health insurers pay for osteopathy, there are big differences in the amount of reimbursement.
  • In order to find the health insurance company, which offers a comprehensive refund at a low price, we recommend an individual comparison.

In 2019, the health insurance costs for employees will decrease as the employer participates somewhat more in the contribution to the statutory health insurance. Insured people have more money in their wallets. They could save even more. Because numerous health insurance companies offer in addition to the prescribed service catalog extensive extra services, for example grants for osteopathic treatments.

The demand for this alternative form of therapy is increasing. It is all the more important to many people that their health insurance company participates in the costs. Which health insurance pays the highest subsidies for osteopathy, the Stiftung Warentest for the new financial test has reviewed.


What are osteopathic treatments?

What are osteopathic treatments?

According to the Association of Osteopathic Physicians Germany (VOD), cash patients nationwide seek the advice of an osteopath every year about 20 million times. The alternative method of treatment is particularly suitable for problems with the musculoskeletal system , for example in the case of back or neck pain. But other complaints such as sleep disorders, migraines or digestive problems can be alleviated by osteopathic treatments.

Usually, no additional devices are used, only the hands of the osteopath are used. These are intended to release blockages in the body through certain grip or touch techniques.


Controversial Osteopathy: Which health insurance pays for treatments?

Osteopathic treatments do not count as official health insurance benefits, as their effectiveness has not been proven beyond doubt. Nevertheless , many health insurance companies are involved in the costs , which are between 60 and 120 euros per session. The basis for the reimbursement is that the treatment was prescribed by a doctor and is carried out by an osteopath recognized by the health fund.

Since the amount of reimbursement for the alternative therapy varies greatly, Stiftung Warentest has in a new test checked which health insurance pays most for osteopathy. For the consumer advocates have taken 76 funds under the microscope . Among other things, they examined how much their allowance for osteopathic treatment is total and how much the health insurance fund contributes to each session.


Health insurance companies pay different amounts for osteopathy

Health insurance companies pay different amounts for osteopathy

The largest subsidy for osteopathy is provided to the insured persons of the . This pays a maximum of 500 euros per year and takes over at five sessions each 80 percent of the costs . The regionally opened AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven also offers a total subsidy of 500 euros per year. However, this applies to several additional services together.

At the Technoform, which is also open regionally, cash patients receive eight times a year for a maximum of € 60, which means a total of € 480. By contrast, 13 funds in the test pay a maximum of € 360 a year, which usually equals € 60 for six sessions.

Tip: The health insurance companies mentioned convince with their high grants for osteopathic treatments. However, they are not among the cheapest funds in the test. In order to find a high-performance and at the same time inexpensive statutory health insurance, an individual and non-binding comparison helps.


Even homeopathy is among many health insurance to the extra benefits

Even homeopathy is among many health insurance to the extra benefits

In addition to osteopathy many cash patients rely on homeopathic treatments. Therefore, the experts of Stiftung Warentest have also checked which health insurance pays for homeopathy. A total of 53 out of the 76 funds examined are homeopathic, irrespective of the age of the insured person .

With eleven other health insurance companies, the reimbursement of costs is only possible to a limited extent. For example, some funds only reimburse treatment costs up to the age of 17 years.


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